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Venetian MicroTopping™
Venetian Micro~Topping™ is a cement based, polymer modified decorative concrete topping material that is thinly applied to concrete surfaces to closely resemble the look of natural concrete. Create time-worn beauty resembling inlaid travertine, patina tile, Venetian plaster and intricate border patterns with Legacy Venetian Micro~Topping™ on interior or exterior applications, over existing structurally sound horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces including patios, sidewalks, decks, driveways, and most commercial or residential concrete surfaces. Venetian Micro~Topping™ can be smooth troweled or broom finished and can be pigmented or stained for a wide array of decorative finishes.

System Components
PolyMod 200™:
A ready to use water based 100% acrylic resin and modifier specifically engineered.

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Venetian MicroTopping™
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