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Tinté D'Acqua™
Create Unique decorative cementitious surfaces with Tinté D'Acqua™ deep penetrating, water based stains. Tinté D'Acqua’s™ permanent coloring solutions add life and luster to new and existing concrete floors, patios, driveways and vertical surfaces.
Tinté D'Acqua™ is ready-to-use, easy to apply, environmentally friendly, chemically resistant and offers an extended life to all concrete projects.
Tinté D'Acqua™ is available in twenty-eight standard colors that can be blended to create additional colors of your choice. Apply in layers to create dramatic antiqued coloring effects.

Use With These Products & Systems
and other cementitious decorative concrete products
Artisan Overlay™
Venetian Micro~Topping™



Tinté D'Acqua™
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