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Lythic Densifier XL
Lythic XL is a larger particle-size version of Lythic Densifier, designed for fast build-up for burnishing, and to repair soft slab surfaces. Lythic Densifier with reactive colloidal silica is 99.5% pure silica, suspended through a proprietary "green" manufacturing process in an ultra-low surface tension liquid. It reacts with concrete to increase surface density, making it less permeable to liquids and improving impact and abrasion resistance. Lythic's nano-sized silica particles (3-5 nano-meters) not only react with lime, but also bond directly to silica already in the concrete. Reactive colloidal silica bonds and hardens decorative cementitious overlays that are low-lime and do not react well with sodium, lithium or potassium silicates.

  • Low viscosity for spray application
  • Low viscosity for spray application no Surface residue, no scrub-off
  • No whitening when dry
  • No hazardous waste removal
  • Quick reaction time (30-60 min)
  • Saves time & labor during application
  • Prevents dusting, increases durability
  • Will not contribute to alkali-silica-reaction (ASR)
  • Safer PH level (9pH)
  • Concentrate formula


Lythic Densifier XL
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