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Lythic Day 1
Lythic DAY1 Troweling Aid, Densifier and Curing Agent is a colloidal silica-based topical additive that makes concrete flatwork finishing easier and faster, and produces a better result. Applied during floating and troweling, Lythic DAY1 lubricates the surface for easier, faster finishing, increases cream for a better finish, significantly extends workability time under adverse conditions, slows surface drying and premature set, and eliminates the need for adding water during finishing. It provides moisture-retention performance like a liquid membrane forming curing compound; however, no membrane is formed.

  • Becomes a permanent part of the slab, there is nothing to remove
  • Curing is effectively extended, reducing water vapor transmission through the slab
  • Increased surface strength and durability
  • Reduces the potential for efflorescence
  • Increased resistance to liquid penetration and staining
  • Mitigates slab curling by reducing evaporation at the surface
  • Minimizes the potential for checking, crazing, and other drying-related surface issues


Lythic Day 1
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